Chuck + Jessica live in Philadelphia and I didn’t have too much convincing to do to get them excited about me coming out for an engagement session. I contacted one of my favorite photographers (Michael Ash) who lives out there, about some locations near their home. My only regret from the trip was not taking him up on the offer to head out to the burbs and hang for a bit. What was I thinking? The trip was simply too fast. But, I did have a great Sunday morning with Chuck and Jess and after spending a few hours with them, chatting about the city, driving around and taking some photos, I knew I would be excited for the wedding back in Minneapolis. I learned a small lesson day of the wedding, however. Never post something on Facebook about being sick, when the bride may see it. The moment I showed up, Jessica gave me that look and asked…”So, how are you doing?” when I know she really wanted to ask…”you gonna make it today?” I felt horrible. I should never be a source of stress for a bride on her wedding day. Thankfully, every hour that passed that day I felt better and better. It truly was a great day that went so well. I have been blown away by how amazing my couples have been this year and the only explanation is I am really connecting with the right people. Every photographer is different and I think its really crucial to find clients who really connect with you and your work. Its vital for building trust and excitement. I am so thankful for the privilege of using photography to help document some pretty amazing people and such unique events. Couldn’t ask for a better job.



Remember David and Carly’s engagement photos? Well, I’ll always remember them for two main reasons. (a) I called David, “Andy” at least 4 times and they never corrected me. When I got home and realized what I had done I felt HORRIBLE. (b) I knew they were bringing a dog, but for some reason I pictured a cute little lap dog. I have no idea why, I just did. Then Bauer stepped out of the car. Bauer is a Doberman. About as opposite of a lap dog as you can get! Thankfully, he was super nice. Carly and David were such a great, layed back, happy couple on their wedding day. Just the way any photographer would want it. It was such a joy spending the day with them and I’m super pumped for their future together. thanks guys!