It was a seasonably warm late September day, but absolutely gorgeous. Tim and Kathy looked gorgeous and planned a perfect day for themselves and their guests. Camrose Hill is always a beautiful venue, but looked just breathtaking this day especially as the sun began to slowly fall. I love when couples are able to fully engage with guests and themselves on a wedding day and thats exactly what happened at Tim + Kathy’s wedding. As a documentary photographer I almost need this to happen to make great photographs (and knowing there’s a dog roaming around strapped with a GoPro to his back!) This gives me the freedom to roam around and observe interactions…all the joys, anxieties and celebrations that happen during a wedding day. This was the last wedding of my 2014 season and was such great one to cap off a great year. Thanks Tim + Kathy! Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me and continued to follow this blog as well. I can’t do it without you! Enjoy the holiday season and be on the lookout for my year in review post coming soon!!!

When Lauren contacted me, she mentioned her wedding was taking place on an island in Northern Wisconsin, in the city of Birchwood. I replied, as giddy as can be “oh, you mean the Bluegill capital of the world?” For those that don’t know (Lauren included) a Bluegill is a fish. The excited inner child in me came out as a flood of memories resurfaced…fishing the creeks near my grandma’s house in Rice Lake, spending summer afternoons at our family cabin, so appropriately named “the shack”, located a few miles from Birchwood. We explored the woods and got into all kinds of trouble. These memories and this place never leave you and I was reminded once again at how much I miss it and need to let my own kids experience life apart from a big city. Shortly after mentioning the location and after I wrestled the excited inner child back down…we had another conversation about why she chose this location and what type of wedding and photography she desired. As excited as I was about the potential of photographing a wedding on an island, in the woods, I was more excited about what I heard her say about photography. Simply put, she wanted someone who would be a guest and take photos of the event as it happened. And here is what happened on this “Island of Happy Days”…


And then it was still. A beautiful calm. I sat and waited for the ferry to pick me up and bring me back to my car, while the day and all its emotion and energy was left ringing in my head. Exhale. What an amazing job.