Andy + Amy / Minneapolis, MN Engagement

Andy and Amy contacted me about wedding photography only days before we jumped at the opportunity to spend some time together in one of the last big snowfalls of the winter/spring. I’m so thankful for working with couples that go after spur of the moment conditions. Amy and I both ended up stepping through the weak snowy/icy layer that covered parts of the creek and suffered through wet feet for the duration of this photo session, but it was totally worth it. I saved the photos I took on Fuji instant film for them to peel apart at our meeting, afterwards. There’s something really special in creating photographs with other people and letting them actually peel apart and see the image we made together. Andy + Amy, I’m so excited for you both and can’t wait to spend more time with you during your big day this summer. congrats!!!0122a344a567891010a12131415

Equipment : Nikon D700 w/ 50mm + 85mm /  Mamiya RZ67 w/ polaroid back + Fuji 100c film

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Hope’s Preschool / A Day in the Life…

When my daughter is older I want to give her a collection of photographs that documented her early years. This post represents one small part of the whole.  Love you Maddie.    ~Daddy22a2b34567899a101213141516171819202122232425262727a2828a2930313233343537

*I was given permission by the school and parents to take and post these photographs. Hope’s Preschool in Richfield is a great school and Maddie has loved it!

Nikon D700 + 50 1.4G, Mamiya RZ67 w/ Fuji 100c, Polaroid 180 w/ Fuji 3000b

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Leah / Environmental Portrait / Keen Eye Coffee / Minneapolis, MN

Leah is a barista at Keen Eye Coffee just west of 38th and Hiawatha in Minneapolis, MN (formerly Tilia’s Beans). This coffee shop was empty for years and recently opened under new ownership. Its great seeing new businesses start up in South Minneapolis. I want to support them like crazy, because its people like Leah who work in these shops. Observing her and how she works and relates to customers was so cool. I’ve been wrestling with how to photograph this sorta thing more. Should I post interviews along with the photos? Should I try to incorporate some form of publicity for these businesses? I just don’t know yet. But, I know I love hanging with cool people who love what they do and making portraits in the environment they work and live in. So, for now….you just get photographs :) Thanks so much Leah. I really appreciate your willingness to be you in front of the camera. This was another 100% film session. boom.  124567899a10111213


Mamiya 645 with 80mm 1.9N, Mamiya RZ67 with 90mm 3.5, Polaroid 180, Kodak TriX 400, Kodak Portra 400, Fuji 100c, Fuji 3000b